networking -- Emmaus (Abbé Pierre)

Here SB invites other people to take part in networking a) to create "seeds" of existential living of the alternative structure (love, gifts, "consensus-sharing"...), or b) to create effective solidarity-networking of different steps in this direction (including an open forum for exchange between such alternative groups), or c) to present to searchers (public/media) all the different attempts and offers in this direction
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networking -- Emmaus (Abbé Pierre)

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networking invitation -- Emmaus (Abbé Pierre)

Me, Oeffie, I have been a responsable of an Emmaus-Community for several years...
"Schenkers-Movement" started in the Emmaus-Project "In Civitatem Dei / Wege zur Arche (Ways to the Arc)"... (("Arc" was meant in the general sense of "model of survival for the world", not narrowly referring to the Arc of Lanza...))

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