networking -- NuEra

Here SB invites other people to take part in networking a) to create "seeds" of existential living of the alternative structure (love, gifts, "consensus-sharing"...), or b) to create effective solidarity-networking of different steps in this direction (including an open forum for exchange between such alternative groups), or c) to present to searchers (public/media) all the different attempts and offers in this direction
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networking -- NuEra

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networking invitation -- NuEra

We are in part cooperating with the network NuEra ...

Especially in 2009 we made
a) 8.5.2009 a group-action to leave the state-system, where 9 people destroyed their identity-cards in Berlin in front of the "Reichstag", because no one there wanted to take them back... Some of them wanted to try to live as "Schenkers" ("Givers") then, for example "Rasputin" (who now as a "Schenker" leads our project "House of Hospitality"), furthermore "Heini", who now as an ally continues his support for example by administering the - adress, "Dailo" and the NuEra-activists "Bauchi" and Sarah...
b) we tried together to build a nature-village in "Extertal", which was destroyed by the offices and the state... (films about this could be seen at )

I want to add at this place, that at the NuEra-Network, there are a lot of people, who smoke and consume cannabis...
Me, I am against all drugs, never smoked a cigarette, never was drunken or consumed other drugs...
But I think, if "alternative people" say, that they keep their ability of being sufficiently controlled and constructive (even for radical community-projects etc.), though they take drugs, they should at least - in the sense of non-violent "liberty-giving" - be given the possibility to show it...
But I can say, that to my mind, those abilities are at least much reduced by drugs... I can only give to everybody my advice, not to take any drugs... Life has a bigger potential of abilities and happiness without drugs... Drugs seem perhaps to be an easier or quicker way to good feelings - but they damage the substance for true and deep self-realization and soul-happyness... I think, one can say: "Drogen haben noch jeden betrogen - legalize einen klaren Kopf!" ("Drugs in the end are always cheating the consument - legalize a clear mind!")

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