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networking -- elf Pavlik

Verfasst: Sa 15. Mär 2014, 15:54
von oeff oeff
"oeff oeff" wrote at 10th of august, 2010:

Dear Readers!

I met an interesting other person, who is also living without money and papers! Elf Pavlik!

I am happy, if I can make a lot of idealistic team-work with others like him -- especially for building "existential seeds" for the "alternative structure"...
And to try to build forms of really effective networking between the different groups or movements, who work in this direction....

If you want to know more about him:

And I offer to Pavlik to have an exchange of thoughts here in this thread...


Greetings =)

Verfasst: Sa 15. Mär 2014, 15:56
von oeff oeff
"elf Pavlik" wrote at 31th of august, 2010:

Dear Oeffie, Dear All,

I also feel happy that winds of destiny let Oeffie and me cross our paths durring this year Ecotopia gathering. I look forward for our cooperation growing and blooming.

To start I would like shortly share with everyone two resources I find very interesting to get familiar with:

Peer economy - very detailed concept of currency-free economy, with global scale potential. Described in a book released under CC and available at:

Altruists International - lots of interesting slideshow style presentations dealing with issue of money and other possibilities for us to live. Website :

They also work on Internet Gift Economy !!!
Video with presentation introducing the concept (4 parts):

Wiki page listing all people who reject to use money: ... Economists

Oeffie, please consider adding yourself to this wiki page =)

Enough for now!

Wishing everyone true happines,
elf Pavlik


Verfasst: Sa 15. Mär 2014, 15:59
von oeff oeff
"oeff oeff" wrote at 31th of august, 2010:

Welcome Pavlik!

It is important, that we get the people in contact, who want to build the future of GIVING LOVE...
As I just answered on facebook at the page of Wam Kat, where he had invited me:

Öff Öff Jürgen Wagner:
Dear Wam. To my mind you are one of the persons, who radically want to do LOVE and PEACE simply because of the joy of HEART, that it is RIGHT... Rather independent of outside consequences, expecting them to follow...
Feeling as a soul-brother on the way to "global consensus-sharing"...
Öff Öff (Oeffie)

Yours, Oeffie

I will look for that wiki...

Re: networking -- elf Pavlik

Verfasst: Fr 27. Jun 2014, 10:44
von oeff oeff
Elf Pavlik built then a beautiful website for the little network of gift-economy-organisations and -persons: